As an operator, we understand that your job is look after your greatest asset – your customer!


At PCL, we understand that you need to deliver value and services to your customers, be it corporate or consumer. Like you, we understand that your channel to your customers are the devices and SIMs. The services you deliver are reliant on these platforms being able to sustain the load and information.


As a business, delivering your projects and services on time is not just a matter of financial importance but also a matter of reputation for your business.


To be able to plan and deliver your project on time and within budget and scope, a business needs an experienced project manager who can plan the project effectively and anticipate and react to any eventualities to ensure that the delivery of the project has minimal impact.


Knowledge and experience are the cornerstone of every successful business. Why outsource specialised tasks when you can train your staff once and keep the expertise in-house.


We provide a variety of short technical and business training courses and customised business solutions to suit a wide range of your organisational and management needs.